Developed with athletes in mind

Ahtletes, through restrictive diets and intensive training are particularly susceptible to suffering ‘bad gut’ issues such as bloating, IBS, gas or even constipation. These gut issues can seriously affect your performance. So it’s doubly important to take your gut health seriously. 

Gut Performance® is an Australian made, scientifically developed blend of natural foods that promote good gut health – it’s a Food for Performance!

Gut Performance® trains your gut for better athletic performance.


Training & Your Gut Health

Research has proven that your gut performance is critical to your athletic performance. The gut and the good bacteria that live there, play a primary role in your ability to absorb nutrition; recover from workouts, and handle stress.

Your gut’s microbiota is particularly sensitive to high levels of hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline, which are common in training and competing athletes.

Cortisol, along with other chemicals, antibiotics and other drug therapies can also affect the gut’s lining, damaging the junctions that allow nutrients into the bloodstream and keep toxins out. This is commonly known as leaky gut. When toxins enter the bloodstream, it can make you feel ill and trigger an immune response. Chronic inflammation can develop. Leaky gut has also been known to cause muscle soreness after exercise.

The foods in Gut Performance® not only nourish your microbiome, they contain compounds that help maintain cell integrity and normalise the gut, to help reduce intestinal inflammation.

Get Your Head in the Game

As we all know, competing and winning is as much about the mental approach as it is the physical and technical side of things. This is another area that good gut health can play a critical role.

These days the gut is recognised as a second brain because it produces some very powerful neurotransmitters that regulate mood, appetite, and energy levels. New research shows that the health of your gut has a significant impact on brain function and the balance of neurotransmitter agents. Poor gut health has been shown to increase the onset of mental health issues such as depression and poor cognition.

If you take supplements

Gut Performance is a 100% natural food. So, what’s the difference?

The body finds supplements challenging to process. This is because the single compound or limited combinations often lack the essential elements to effectively allow the gut to metabolise and absorb. Also, they are mostly chemically derived or modified, not natural extracts.

Our gut works in a biosystem that needs multiple compounds and nutrients to help it perform at its optimum level. That includes the ability to absorb and utilise micronutrients.

The brilliance of Gut Performance™ is in the combination of the ingredients. It is scientifically designed as a mixture of nutrient-dense whole foods, so unlike supplements it’s well-tolerated and easily absorbed.

The good news is that when you take supplements and proteins with Gut Performance™, they will be much better tolerated and absorbed by the gut.

Gut Performance

An Australian made, scientifically developed blend of natural foods that promote good gut health. Get yours today!

From Athletes Taking Gut Performance

Hi, my name is Georgie Rowe. I’m a full time athlete and compete for Australia in Rowing and I have Tokyo Olympics well in my sights! I train 3 times a day and it takes a huge toll on my body. It’s difficult to get enough of the right nutrients to enable me to sustain my vigorous schedule. I’m a huge believer in all things gut health. A healthy gut is a healthy mind and body so for me it’s a no brainer to take Gut Performance. Not only does it keep me regular but it is vital at helping me feel energised day after day for training and racing. When I’m performing at my peak the last thing I want to be worried about is having an upset stomach, being bloated or worse, constipated! I couldn’t recommend a product more, the research behind it makes it such a credible source and something I am really proud to be partnered with.”

Georgie Rowe

World Record Holder, Australian Olympic Rowing Team

“Gut Performance is my Secret Weapon. It’s my absolute go to every day – a healthy gut means I can train harder and recover faster, not to mention all the other health benefits. I want to share this important product with the world to help every body.”

Hattie Boydle

WBFF World Champion

“A week after taking Gut Performance daily I noticed a huge difference in my energy levels, I was less fatigued and recovered faster after training but best of all it made me ‘regular’ again! Now my mum is addicted to the product and lots of my family and friends are now taking Gut Performance and have never looked back.”

Claudia Weston

Professional Stunt Performer & Gymnast

“From the first time I tried Gut Performance, I could clearly see and feel the tremendous benefits of this product. At that time being a WBFF Pro Fitness Model, I was getting ready for the most important competition of my career. As you may know, to get ready you must sometimes go the extreme diet wise, which can wreak havoc on your digestive system. Well not that time!

“Moreover, time and time again for myself and athletes I have had the opportunity to work with, we all agree on one thing; Gut Performance is a must to maximize your digestive performance and is a must for any serious athletes!”

JJ (aka Jean-Jacques Barrett)

WBFF Pro Champion, Owner Tulum Strength Club

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