About Us

The people behind Gut Performance.

Innovative, Australian, local-based and all about feeling good!

For us it’s simple, Gut Performance works.

As a fit and health-conscious family, we’ve always been fascinated (ok, a little obsessed!) with health from the inside out. We believe food fuels health. It’s medicine. But time and time again we’ve been left frustrated by the false promise of so many natural products and remedies on the market.

So we set out to develop a gut health supplement ‘food supermix’ that was 100% natural AND evidence-based.

Our Ethos at Every Body Every Day is ‘Food As Medicine’ and every ingredient in Gut Performance has a purpose.

Gut performance original tub with decoration

It all started with sugarcane pulp

We partnered with food scientists who’d been given a government grant to find a use for the bi-product of the sugar industry—sugarcane pulp. They found it had a HUGE effect on improving gut health, helping with bloating and constipation, but also improving the overall immune system. This became the key ingredient of Gut Performance.

Finally, a product created from whole foods, without the superstition.

Launching into the Fitness Industry

After Hattie, our daughter and WBFF world champion, trialled the product, she decided she would never go back (read Hattie’s story). And we launched it into the fitness community to help athletic performance. The testimonials we received were extremely positive and astounding.

We love helping anyone with gut issues and we want to tell the whole world about this amazing product.

What’s next?

Our family continues to work together to provide the best gut health products, with the highest quality ingredients to provide a secret weapon and everyday go-to, not only for professional athletes, but everyone.

It’s helped us and it can help you too. It really is just one small change that can make a big difference—for every body, every day!

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