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I've had so many issues, been for multiple ultrasounds and day surgeries and they can't seem to find what's the issue. I'm constantly feeling sick after eating and always bloated! After using your product I've found I haven't been feeling sick and the bloating and snacking has stopped! Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product ❣️✨👍

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Hey guys! Want to share with you an amazing finding 🤗 @gut_performance. It saved me from not really pleasant story... Unfortunately after long time of wrong dieting, eating lots of protein avoiding carbs, eating not enough bran I’ve got some issues with my gut. Oh and there were antibiotics, whole month of antibiotics 😳 so you can imagine what I’ve had to deal with... My digestion and my gut stopped to work properly. I’ve had bloating all the time when I eat something and not regularly have been to the loo 😳
And now it’s all gone! I feel easy, no bloating and everything work as it should work for a short time 😁 and believe me I’ve tried a lot to sort it out 🙈
Will see how it support me on my way with my diet 😁

I have had digestive problems for years this product has improved my IBS symptoms & I have more energy & tastes fantastic 👍🙌🏼💕Love it

🌱So biggest question I’m asked a lot is how do I like @gut_performance & why don’t I use actual fermented foods!? I have had two weeks off from using this and I noticed within two days my stomach going back to feeling unbalanced & I felt mega lethargic, I have tried fermented foods but they actually blow me out like a balloon & kind of defeat the purpose of achieving that good gut feeling I am chasing!🤰🏽 Everyone is different, but this works best for me 🤗 @musclecoach #teammusclecoach #guthealth

I've had bad gut problems for nearly 2 years... I would wake up in pain, spend the day in pain and finally it's eased for the first time in 2 years. I woke up this morning not bloated or in pain, so thank you 🙏

Great product I will recommend to others 💯

So grateful for this product, I now haven't had to use any of my medicine for my I.B.S. 🙂

Best gut product ever!

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