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🌱So biggest question I’m asked a lot is how do I like @gut_performance & why don’t I use actual fermented foods!? I have had two weeks off from using this and I noticed within two days my stomach going back to feeling unbalanced & I felt mega lethargic, I have tried fermented foods but they actually blow me out like a balloon & kind of defeat the purpose of achieving that good gut feeling I am chasing!🤰🏽 Everyone is different, but this works best for me 🤗 @musclecoach #teammusclecoach #guthealth

I've had bad gut problems for nearly 2 years... I would wake up in pain, spend the day in pain and finally it's eased for the first time in 2 years. I woke up this morning not bloated or in pain, so thank you 🙏

Great product I will recommend to others 💯

So grateful for this product, I now haven't had to use any of my medicine for my I.B.S. 🙂

Best gut product ever!

I absolutely love Gut Performance 😍 I am sharing this product with all of the tablelands where I'm from 😘

Would love to share my story with you guys as I can't take many supplements as I'm an epileptic and a lot of supplements proteins mix with my medication and was nervous to try this as I was scared it would bring on seizures but it didn't! 😍 with being 💯% organic it's amazing! I share that story with so many people about your product

I have been incredibly inconsistent with my training the last 2 weeks. My nutrition has been even worse. Essentially every meal I have eaten has been made by a restaurant. These are decisions I have made that I am owning. I don't feel bad about any of it. The only thing I have kept consistent is my daily dose of @gut_performance.

I like to think of it as fertilising my gut.

Not only does it significantly reduce any bloating, the active prebiotic is helping to bring my microbiome back to a healthy environment.

A definite keeper for the silly season!

It's not too late to start looking after yourself. ❤️ Gut Performance, for Every Body, Every Day

Significant reduction in bloating to the point where I actually don't think I bloat at all anymore. I feel trimmer around my waistline too.

Just ordered my second round plus 1 for my partner.... love love love Gut Performance 💕❤️💙

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