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My day will forever start with @gut_performance

After losing 43Kg I can honestly say I have lost count of how many supplements I’ve tried to help with bloating and bowel movement. I finally found @gut_performance after 3 years of searching 🙏

I've been taking gut performance for about 6 months now and it has changed my life, I recommend this product to everyone I know 🙌 🙌 🙌.

I am almost through my first tub and it will remain on my list when I purchase my Supps. I am absolutely loving it!!!

I love your product! It has helped me tremendously with bloating and overall general health. I live in the US and it is currently unavailable on Amazon. Is there anywhere else I can order from that would ship to the US? I'm running out and I would hate to be without GP even for a day, it is amazing. Thank you

The last week and a half has seen my whole family sick with gastro.. and then I gained 2kg of fluid and looked preggers! Nothing I did changed and it just got worse. My gut health has never been that imbalanced.. and I have IBS.

Out of options so close to comp I went and got this. 24 hours after my first dose and the bloat is half what it was and my gut doesn't seem angry.

Legit.. best product.

I've been using it for about five days. Lately I've been having serious problems with bloating. This started working/helping almost immediately!!! Also have been feeling lighter, no bloating, regular and a boost of energy.

Best product EVER!!! Saved my belly!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

Thank you!!! It's been a life long struggle... my client loves it too!!! 😘😘😘😘😘

Hi from Canada!! I am so beyond ecstatic to have come across this product. I told myself I would give it a full 30 days before I made a decision on whether or not I liked it. Well... it was a few short days before I was messaging family telling them to buy it. I love it. My bloating was gone. GONE!!! i have been suffering with bloating so long I didn't know what it was like to not be bloated. And the sore, heavy feeling I've had in my stomach forever was gone. For the last few years I've woken up feeling sick and by the 3rd day of taking GP I woke up and was shocked that I didn't feel "sick". I felt great. Thank you for making this product. I've already started my second tub and will continue to use Gut Performance in my daily routine. Thank you thank you thank you!

I bloat like a balloon whatever I eat. I changed my nutrition over and over again it was so frustrating! Since I've started hitting the gym and seeing results it was even more annoying. I wanted that nice flat tummy too, but no, I had to deal with that annoying s**t and trust me I was often in so much pain.
I bought Gut Performance and I only needed 3 days to see a change. A M A Z I N G. I drink it with coco water, for me it makes the drinking easier and I really love it. The bloating has almost disappeared and I can train better and stronger!!! Thank you guys for that.

Day 1 of my 30 day Gut Performance trial... After months of illness, some surgery and a whole lost of antibiotics I'm so excited to be giving this a go! My body could do with something good to replace the bad bacteria in my gut.
I was concerned that I wouldn't like the taste but this is actually nothing like I expected. It's yum! There is an option to add it to shakes but I kinda wanted the full benefit of its purpose so I've opted to drink as it is. Keen to fast forward through the 30 days so I can compare the difference between how I feel now to then! Stay tuned!...

Day 2 Gut Performance trial... I have to say, I'm noticing a difference already. It's a subtle difference, but it's there.
For close to a year, I've woken up each morning with what can only be described as a heavy feeling in my gut. This is due to inflammation and digestive issues I've been suffering from. That feeling isn't there this morning. I feel light. I can't say I've noticed any physical signs of less bloating, but I wasn't expecting to on only the second day. I don't feel sick though; and the only change I've made has been the addition of Gut Performance so I can only assume it's started doing its job. So far... I'm impressed!

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