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I have been taking Gut Performance for about 4 months now and the differences I have noticed are huge. I suffer from Endometriosis. With Endometriosis comes lots of symptoms, not just around the time of my cycle but every day. Since taking Gut Performance I've noticed a huge difference in my day to day but also around my cycle. I normally get severe tummy pains, I get incredibly boated, the cramping, the discomfort, everything. Since taking Gut Performance my bloating is to a minimal, even around the time of my cycle, and the flare-ups of the cramping, the pain, everything.

After 3 days of taking Gut Performance, I was on the second day of my cycle and looking at me you wouldn't know I was on my period. I am normally so bloated, uncomfortable, I don't want to train, I have no energy. My bloating wasn't there, I had so much energy. Since taking Gut Performance I no longer have to rely on coffee in the morning. I take a huge Glass of GP and I've got enough energy, I don't need caffeine anymore, which has been nice to eliminate that because as I think caffeine can flare up my endo symptoms.

I have a couple of friends who suffer from and I've told them about Gut Performance, especially the new blackcurrant flavour - that is yummy - it literally tastes like lollies.

Blown away by how much this improves my digestion and bloating. I've always had gut issues everytime I eat raw cabbage or beans. But since taking this I am able to eat raw cabbage and beans!! So happy and impressed by this product! No more uncomfortable bloat!

When I first started with Lucinda and she asked the confronting questions of how often do I go to the toilet etc etc.

I never really thought it was an issue.... gut performance has made a HUGE change to my digestive system. Some mornings I actually wake up feeling hungry.

If I get really busy and don’t use it for a few days I notice a big change.

So weird, I didn’t think it could make such a difference. I’m eating the most I’ve eaten, and waking up hungry.


Happy gut happy life

For me as an atlethe it is very important that everything that’s within my control is on point for optimal performance and recovery.

Since I can remember I’ve always had troubles with my intestines. Constipation, irregular bowels, sluggish feeling and lack of energy.

I have been taking gut performance for about 2 years now and I never want to live without it anymore. This product definitely has been a game changer to me!

I take gut performance first thing in the morning. I love the taste! And it’s the best start of my day!

Since the first day of using gut performance I felt and and looked less bloated, my bowels are more regular and my stomach feels and looks so flat. I feel more energetic than ever, my results in the gym are insane and my physique improved a lot!

I never felt better than I do now!

Take care of your gut ♡

 by Claudia Weston on Gut Performance

Bloating relief.
I wish I found Gut Performance earlier !
This product not only took away my bloating but my energy levels and mood has lifted since taking gut performance . I take everyday and I absolutely love blending with ice water and berries and enjoy it like a summer slushy ????
Plus the team at guy performance have outstanding customer service and super helpful .
Highly recommend you give gut performance a go if you have tried other “gut relief “ products and it hasn’t worked lthen it’s time you try GUT PERFORMANCE you won’t regret it !!! I wish it was the first gut product I tried ????????

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