Your Daily Gut Health Workout

Gut Performance Original

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Scientifically formulated, researched and tested over 7 years. Gut Performance Original assists in managing bloating, inflammation and constipation. Trialled by naturopath, nutritionist Jen Critchley on her clients with positive results in managing IBS symptoms, PCOS, and general gut issues. Monash Uni low FODMAP certified. 100% Natural ‘Food as Medicine’. 

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Your daily gut health workout. A delicious raspberry flavored PREbiotic gut health supplement made from real food. Simply add it to water, smoothies, protein shakes, breakfast foods, baked goods - get creative and own your health from the inside out!

Gut Performance Blackcurrant

Gut Performance Blackcurrant


Your daily gut health workout is now available in blackcurrant! Get all the goodness of our scientifically blended gut health supplement with the added antioxidants of blackcurrant skins. And it tastes awesome!

Gut Performance + Collagen

Gut Performance Collagen


Gut Performance + Collagen is here! Inner repair for outer beauty. Improve your gut health, joints, hair and skin all at the same time!

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Scientifically Developed Daily Gut Health Products

Gluten Free – Hypoallergenic – FODMAP Friendly – Non GMO

Gut Performance Original - 30 Serve Tub

AU $69.95

Gut Performance Blackcurrant - 30 Serve Tub

AU $69.95

Gut Performance Original - 14 Sachet Travel Pack

AU $39.95

Gut Performance Blackcurrant - 14 Sachet Travel Pack

AU $39.95

Gut Performance Original - Single Sachets

AU $3.25 (Min. 3)

Gut Performance Blackcurrant - Single Sachets

AU $3.25 (Min. 3)

Gut Performance Gift Cards

Give the Gift of Good Gut Health!

Gift cards amounts from $25 through to $150 available. Choose to whom you want the eGift card sent and when it should arrive in their inbox!

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  • Gut Performance Love Your Gut Combo

    Love GP Jar

  • Gut Performance Love Spoon

    Love GP Spoon

  • Love GP Keyring

  • GP Collagen Body Band

    Love GP Collagen Body Band

  • Love GP Shaker

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