Meet Hattie Boydle the Gut Performance Ambassador

Hi. My name is Hattie Boydle and this is my story – so far.

While today I am the happiest I have ever been, physically, mentally and spiritually, my journey hasn’t been all smooth sailing.

My hunger for competition and performing began at the age of four when my parents enrolled me into gymnastics. Before long, I became an elite gymnast, trained at the AIS and won many national level competitions.

However, after experiencing bullying and then the death of a good friend in Year 10, my relationship with my body took a dark turn and I began to use food as a means of control. I became very ill with anorexia nervosa. At 26kg I almost lost my life.

The way out for me, with the support of my family, was to look at food as fuel instead of punishment or fear.

I swapped punishing cardio for weight training and focussed on becoming stronger.

In 2013, I founded The Sports Model Project, an online coaching and fitness program that draws on my personal experiences to teach women to learn self-acceptance, self-love and how to be comfortable in the body they have. The Sports Model Program was one of the first Programs to offer a holistic approach to training and maintaining a sustainable, healthy mind and body lifestyle.

This is where Gut Performance came in. I had learned about the importance of the gut in overall health when my mum, a clinical nurse was working on clinical trials with a surprising new food product – Sugarcane stem. They discovered that, with the sugar removed, this new nutrient rich superfood was having a positive effect on Blood Glucose Levels by improving gut health. 

I wanted to know what it could do for athletic performance.

So, when I was invited to help Food Scientists at Macquarie University to develop a gut health food for athletes I jumped at the chance.

Gut Performance is the end result of this very successful collaboration and now it’s my secret weapon and everyday go to.  But best of all you don’t need to be an athlete to benefit. Gut Performance is for everybody.

I’m very proud to be the Ambassador for this innovative product.

Love & Light


Hattie Boydle

WBFF World Champion

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