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Our Ethos is ‘Food as Medicine’. 

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What we are

The Every Body Every Day mission

Gut Performance is a 100% natural food, PREbiotic Supermix. Scientifically formulated, researched and tested over 7 years by our Scientific Team and Macquarie Uni,Gut Performance assists in managing bloatinginflammation, constipation and weight loss.

Trialled by naturopath, nutritionist Jen Critchley on her clients with positive results in managing IBS symptoms, PCOS, and general gut issues. Monash Uni low FODMAP certified. (Monash Logo)

Low FODMAP certified
Gut Performance Product Range

The Gut Performance Guarantee

All Gut Performance products are made with 100% natural, sustainably sourced ingredients, and of course, LOVE!

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)

Gut Performance is derived from 100% Natural foods and is regulated under the authority of FSANZ. 

Our health claims above have been directly approved by the NSW Food Authority or meet the criteria of Food Standard 1.2.7 schedule 6 – Systematic review. 

All of the listed components of Gut Performance are naturally present in the food ingredients.

Our Customer Testimonials prove Gut Performance works!

I’ve been using Gut Performance for a year now and I love it. It’s become a part of my daily routine in the morning and I can’t recommend this more especially for the men. Gut Health has been so important to my performance and mental endurance so I take Gut Performance. 👌10/10 

Luke Heck

I started taking Gut Performance 2 years ago and I instantly felt better. The feeling in my gut felt clean and alive. Gut Performance has helped manage inflammation in my body and manage my gout symptoms, which I haven’t experienced in years.

Lino Hola

Founder: Mens Medicine, Mental Health Activist and GP Lover , @coachhola(36k followers) @mensmedicine(25k followers)

I am a sufferer of Crohn’s… before finding out my diagnosis I was always in pain, mentally and physically. I can’t thank Cody Barratt Fitness enough for introducing me to Gut Performance.

Chloe Sweeney

People that have IBS know how risky is it to be wearing jeans in public. The only time I can wear jeans CONFIDENTLY is when I regularly take Gut Performance. Thanks for making me able to have a wardrobe more than just baggy overalls.

Meg Flower

This product has honestly been a game changer! I was suffering with really bad bloating and digestive issues. The first day of adding Gut Performance into my morning routing I noticed results and instantly reaped the benefits. My bloating has honestly disappeared and it really aids digestion as it’s packed full of great ingredients. Highly recommend!

Josie Saunders

Following a strict FODMAP & Coeliac diet (and being allergic basically to the world!) I cannot go without my daily dose of Gut Performance. “I tried so many gut supplements with no results, but am so glad I took the plunge with Gut Performance. It has kept me regular on a high protein diet, which can have a negative affect on good gut bacteria, however, lucky for me Gut Performance protects against gut inflammation and improves my gut microbiome.

Chelsea Sutto

Primary School Teacher, Personal Training, Endometriosis Sufferer and GP Lover

Gut Performance
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