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Gluten Free – Hypoallergenic – FODMAP Friendly – Non GMO

Gut Performance Original – 30 Serve Tub

AU $69.95 AU $62.96

Gut Performance Original – 14 Sachet Travel Pack

AU $39.95 AU $35.96

Gut Performance Blackcurrant – 14 Sachet Travel Pack

AU $39.95 AU $35.96

Real People, Real Results

“I saw a fitness bikini model on Instagram who said her bloating had reduced since using Gut Performance, so I decided to give it a go. It has made the world of difference, I very very rarely get bloated anymore. I would never give this product up, EVER.”

Hayley Thorburn

“Chemotherapy and medications really affected my gut health. I became severely bloated and constipated… I can honestly say that over the time I have been taking Gut Performance my gut health and regularity have been amazingly managed.


“I tried 2 other gut health products before Gut Performance but saw no improvement to my energy or digestion… A week after taking Gut Performance daily I noticed a huge difference in my energy levels – I was less fatigued, recovered faster – but best of all it’s made me ‘regular’ again!”

Claudia Weston

“It has helped me dramatically!!! I don’t feel bloated, I go to the bathroom so much more and I feel that it’s not only cleaning but also making me feel healthier and again less bloated.”


Gut Performance Original (Raspberry)

30 Serve Tub

Your daily gut health workout. Scientifically developed with a range of natural ingredients that promote gut health, it is a great dietary addition for anyone looking to improve athletic performance, general health and wellbeing. Make one small positive change today to improve your wellbeing.

Gut Performance Blackcurrant

14 Sachet Travel Packs

Introducing Gut Performance Blackcurrant! This new Functional Flavour has been scientifically developed with Blackcurrant Skins, a powerful antioxidant and delicious taste. Now available in a convenient 14 Sachet Pack and Individual Sachets.

Your Daily Gut Health Workout

Hattie Boydle, WBFF World Champion

“Gut Performance is my secret weapon and everyday go-to. But best of all you don’t need to be an athlete to benefit. Gut Performance is for everybody.”

Hattie xo

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Gut Health and Your Baby

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The Effects of Drugs and Gut Bugs

The Effects of Drugs and Gut Bugs

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