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Prebiotic Vs Probiotic. What’s the Difference?

If our gut Microbiota (Microbiome) is the rich crop that makes our body’s work as it should and makes us happy as a result, then Probiotics are the seeds and Prebiotics are the fertilizer.

Probiotics are microorganisms that have been shown to be present and beneficial in the gut. The problem with most probiotics is that they are either of very low quality or that the microbes that are in them don’t really do much. Very few have any real value and the ones that do are expensive because it takes a lot of effort to make them work. Many are dead before you ever take them, so not much good.

Prebiotics in simple terms are foods that we don’t digest directly but feed the microbes in our gut. The problem with prebiotics is that the term is very general. Anything that a microbe can use is classed as a prebiotic, but that doesn’t mean that it is good for them, just that they can survive. Most prebiotics are the equivalent of white bread, better than nothing but not great. The thing that makes our products different is that we have all the other good stuff as well not just a carbon (energy) source.

The final issue with probiotics is it doesn’t matter how good a probiotic you have if your diet is rubbish (and you don’t feed them with a good prebiotic) they will die off quickly putting you right back where you started, so eat right and feed them a quality prebiotic.

Prebiotics Versus Probiotics

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