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Feeling crappy or bloated? Our scientific blend of gut superfoods is a PREbiotic that can transform your health from the inside out. It’s a powder that makes a tasty drink!

Gut Performance Product Range

Claudia Weston

“I tried 2 other gut health products before Gut Performance but saw no improvement to my energy or digestion… A week after taking Gut Performance daily I noticed a huge difference in my energy levels – I was less fatigued, recovered faster – but best of all it’s made me ‘regular’ again!”


“Chemotherapy and medications really affected my gut health. I became severely bloated and constipated… I can honestly say that over the time I have been taking Gut Performance my gut health and regularity have been amazingly managed.”

Hayley Thorburn

“I saw a fitness bikini model on Instagram who said her bloating had reduced since using Gut Performance, so I decided to give it a go. It has made the world of difference, I very very rarely get bloated anymore. I would never give this product up, EVER.”

Chels Sutto

Following a strict FODMAP & Coeliac diet and being allergic to basically the world, I can’t go without my Gut Performance every day… I’m so glad I took the plunge – if I didn’t, god knows how bad I’d still be suffering and how much ???? I’d still have backed up inside ????‍????

Hattie Boydle

“Gut Performance is my Secret Weapon. It is my absolute go to every day – a healthy gut means I can train harder and recover faster. It all starts from the gut.”

A gut health supplement made from real food!

So you’re feeling bloated, irregular, constipated or just not yourself? We get it. We’ve been there!

That’s why we’ve developed Gut Performance—a PREbiotic gut health supplement that nourishes your gut’s natural microbiome, helping your digestive system, boosting your immunity and helping your mind and body get back into its rhythm!

Backed by medical research, high-profile athletes and thousands of reviews from real people, Gut Performance works. No more enduring the pesky symptoms of a poor performing gut!

Gut Performance Original

Top Seller!

Scientifically formulated, researched and tested over 7 years. Gut Performance Original assists in managing bloating, inflammation and constipation. Trialled by naturopath, nutritionist Jen Critchley on her clients with positive results in managing IBS symptoms, PCOS, and general gut issues. Monash Uni low FODMAP certified. 100% Natural ‘Food as Medicine’. 

Not sure if Gut performance is for you? Check out our amazing testimonials and Feel the difference in 7 days.

Your daily gut health workout. A delicious raspberry flavored PREbiotic gut health supplement made from real food. Simply add it to water, smoothies, protein shakes, breakfast foods, baked goods - get creative and own your health from the inside out!

Gut Performance Blackcurrant

Gut Performance Blackcurrant


Your daily gut health workout is now available in blackcurrant! Get all the goodness of our scientifically blended gut health supplement with the added antioxidants of blackcurrant skins. And it tastes awesome!

Gut Performance + Collagen

Gut Performance Collagen


Gut Performance + Collagen is here! Inner repair for outer beauty. Improve your gut health, joints, hair and skin all at the same time!

Gut Performance for Athletes

To be at your best you need to feel your best! That means getting rid of bloating, gas, IBS and constipation.

Developed with athletes in mind, Gut Performance can transform your gut for better athletic performance. Many high-profile athletes swear by it!

“Gut performance is my secret weapon and everyday go-to. But best of all you don’t need to be an athlete to benefit. Gut Performance is for everybody.”

Hattie Boydle

WBFF World Champion

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