Men’s Medicine 3rd Birthday Spectacular!

Two women hugging on the beach

Saturday the 30th April was Men’s Medicine’s 3rd Birthday and we celebrated with the Men’s Medicine Community of 120 with Coach and Founder Lino Hola and his beautiful wife Sarah on Broadbeach. 

Our day started at 5.30am with Meditation, Gratitude, Cacao ritual and then breathwork. 

The Morning welcomed us with a beautiful Sunrise followed by Birthday Giveaways including Gut Performance with acknowledgement on the Gut brain connection and the role breathwork plays on the Gut. 

It’s a morning we are truly grateful for and a community we are really proud to have as Friends of Gut Performance.

To learn more on how breathwork can improve your Gut Health, head to our blog.

If you reside on the Gold Coast, we highly recommend joining Mens Medicine for a morning of breathwork on the beach.

Gut Performance

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