Hattie Boydle wins TWO CROWNS in one month!

Hattie Boydle, our Gut Performance Ambassador wins the WBFF twice!

Gut Performance lover Hattie Boydle has taken not one, but TWO crowns for the WBFF in the space of 1 month! WOW, talk about performing!!

Hattie now holds the titles:

2016 WBFF World Champion
2022 WBFF Miss Fitness USA Champion
2022 WBFF Miss Fitness Diva UK Champion

Hattie knows that one of the key foundations to lose weight and body fat, build muscle and change body composition stems from recovery and stress management, which comes from having good gut health. This is why Gut Performance is Hattie’s daily go to and non-negotiable gut health workout.

“Gut Performance is an active broad-spectrum PREbiotic and helps me manage the inflammation in my gut. Having a healthy gut, means I know I am properly digesting my food and absorbing nutrients to be able to partition it to my muscles for energy and recovery. I couldn’t imagine life without taking my daily dose of Gut Performance!”

Hattie now has her sights set on taking back the WBFF Worlds Title for 2023, and we have no doubt she can do it off the back of these 2 amazing wins!

We are so proud of Hattie! Watch this space for her next win!

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