Hattie Boydle Dominates WBFF Australia Pro Am

Our very own Gut Performance Ambassador, Hattie Boydle, has won the title of WBFF Australia Pro Am Australian Diva Fitness Champion!

The Star Casino on the Gold Coast was buzzing with excitement as over 250 incredible athletes hit the stage, each one giving it their all. Among them, Hattie stood out, showcasing her unwavering dedication, earning her the top spot in a division featuring 30 exceptional competitors. We couldn’t be prouder of our girl for bringing home gold!

So, what’s Hattie’s secret weapon, you ask? It’s none other than Gut Performance, of course! She swears by it, saying, “It’s my absolute go-to every day – a healthy gut means I can train harder and recover faster.” And she’s not wrong! A healthy gut is the cornerstone of a successful fitness journey, helping with everything from nutrient absorption to better sleep and reduced bloating.

But here’s the cool part – Hattie didn’t just endorse Gut Performance; she played a pivotal role in its development. Working closely with our scientists, she helped fine-tune the formula, ensuring it packs the perfect punch for gut health and athletic performance. That’s why Gut Performance has become a non-negotiable in her daily routine.

Hattie knows firsthand that achieving weight loss, reducing body fat, building muscle, and transforming body composition all hinge on having a gut that performs. And with Gut Performance in her corner, there’s no stopping her!

We’re also super proud to be a sponsor of the WBFF Australia, supporting incredible athletes like Hattie Boydle who embody our commitment to health and fitness excellence.

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