Happy birthday to us!

This month marks three years since we launched to Market and almost 7 years in the making!

Gut Performance was actually born almost 10 years ago in 2010 from a CSIRO and Macquarie Uni research group led by our own Dr Mal., Scientist and Visiting Fellow of Macquarie Uni.

Dr Mal was given a mission and a government grant to find out if sugarcane pulp could be repurposed for health and wellness that could be clinically proven.

Dr Mal and his Team spent a lot of time in his favourite place, the lab, to work out how to extract the sugarcane fibre so the whole cell could be kept intact. They discovered that heat and chemicals destroyed the whole-cell fibre, so a technique to extract the cell fibre intact was developed and they struck gold.

It was deemed to be more effective than any other soluble fibre on the market.

Linda Boydle, one of our Gut Performance Founders, was working as the Clinical Consultant and worked with Mal and his Team. The ingredient was trialled with great results in managing Blood Sugar Levels and improving gut health. Clinical trials were conducted as well as external trials and we used diverse groups of people with varying ongoing health issues or ongoing treatment for acute and chronic illness as well as women who considered themselves to be ‘healthy’ but suffering weight gain and bloating.

In 2014, we wanted to see whether this amazing by-product would affect a ‘healthy person’ and we asked WBFF World Champion, Hattie Boydle to be our guinea pig.

She said no. Hattie is of the belief that if she isn’t using or needing a product she won’t take it or promote it.

It was a year later that Hattie was in early stages of comp prep for the ‘Worlds’ that she caught a stomach ‘bug’ and we encouraged her to try the early version of Gut Performance.

She has never looked back.

From there we became Every Body Every Day, the Boydle Family Business.

Working with our great friend and Scientist Whizz, Dr Mal, Hattie had tremendous input into the key ingredients into Gut Performance. “They must have some benefit for gut health and exercise recovery” she insisted. All evidenced-based, researched and most importantly 100% natural Food.

As an active, health-conscious family, we wanted a product that we would take ourselves and be homegrown.

We launched Gut Performance™ Original, a Natural ‘Food as Medicine’ product onto the shelves and into the Health and Fitness industry in late August 2018.

Gut Performance™ is something we are so incredibly proud of. A ‘Supermix’ of three PREbiotic foods with their essential micronutrients. The highest quality ingredients, scientifically formulated in a unique blend made with great love and care and it works.

Our Testimonials have blown us away and come from all over the world.

Gut Performance™ Original has been certified by Monash University as low FODMAP and available on the monashlowfodmap App.

Every Body Every Day is a gut health-focused company and we will continue to research and develop new 100% natural ‘food as medicine’ products.

Gut Performance

Your Daily Gut Health Workout

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