Gut Performance is a proud Sponsor of The WBFF Australia

The World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) Australia, is part of WBFF Worldwide, a showcase for athletes to show their months of hard work and discipline on stage. It’s not just ‘muscle’ but fashion and fitness. The Australian Shows are recognised for being one of ‘The Best’ in the world amongst athletes and sponsors and we are really proud to be a part of it.

Gut Performance was developed with athletes in mind. We worked with Dr Mal, Scientist and Visiting Fellow of Macquarie Uni, trialling one of the key ingredients in Gut Performance to see why people taking it had improved gut function and in turn showing an overall improvement in the way they felt.

Our Ambassador Hattie Boydle is a WBFF World Champion and an Internationally recognised Health and Fitness Advocate. Hattie knew that one of the key foundations to gaining peak performance comes from having good gut health. Hattie was honoured to be asked by Scientist, Dr Mal and the Gut Performance Team to be involved in the further development of Gut Performance and it remains her daily go-to gut health product.

More and more research shows that your guts’ performance is critical to your athletic performance.

Now, hundreds of athletes and people around the world have made Gut Performance their go-to gut health product.

Upcoming WBFF events will be held in Australia 

WBFF Gold Coast: 09th April 2022

WBFF Sydney: 06th August 2022

WBFF Australia PRO/AM: 29th October 2022

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