GP Lover: Hayley Thorburn (aka The Fit Healthy Mumma)

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How did you get into fitness? Was it before or after kids?

About 12 years ago I put on alot of weight and didn’t feel comfortable within myself. So I did what most people do and went for a quick fix and also started walking everyday.

I love being outside and walking, so for me it was easy to do.

It wasn’t until after I had kids that I joined the gym to do the classes but it didn’t take long until I was hooked and in the real gym lifting weights.

You are a mum of 3 beautiful, happy, healthy kids with your own beauty business. How do you manage your time to train, run a happy family and eat so well?

Eating well, training in the gym and having a fun and happy life with my babies is my priority. So I organised my time around those things.

I block out time in my diary every weekday for the gym and my clients.

Also having meals prepped or just having healthy options ready to go keeps you on track.

Then when the weekend come, we love it. That’s my time to just be with the kids and enjoy getting active and adventurous outdoors.

I’ve usually always got the kids lunchboxes packed with goodness, even on the weekends. It just makes thing easy.
So the key is to be organised and get up early so you start your day right.

As health clinicians here at Gut Performance we are blown away and seriously impressed with how you feed your kids ‘the rainbow’ of plant-based food in their lunchboxes and smoothies. And they love it! Any tips for our Gut Performance mums out there wanting to do the same?

Thank you so much, that absolutely means so much to me.

Before I had kids I had already decided that we were going to live a fit and healthy lifestyle together. I wanted them to know healthy and nutritious food was what we eat daily to fuel our minds and bodies. Not just something you only do when you want to lose weight or have a health kick for a couple of weeks. Healthy eating and looking after ourselves is a way of life. And we love it!

So now with their lunches, smoothies, smoothie bowls and healthy treats, it’s not something I really think about, it’s just something I do with a passion for my babies.

My advice to other mum’s and dads is to involve the kids. Get them to choose what veggies and fruit they want. Give them choices of healthy alternatives to things they may be eating now. Get them in the kitchen so they can be involved in the process of creating goodness.

But the biggest thing is YOU have to be the role model. You have to show them healthy living by doing it yourself aswell.
They will do what we do and they will love what we love. So show them with love and passion.

4. Your vibrancy and energy are contagious! We know you eat a diverse range of good food and understand the importance of good gut health. Why did you start Gut Performance and what difference, if any, do you feel?

Although I was eating really well, I was still getting bloated every night. Some nights I was so bloated I felt like I was out of breath.

I tried cutting out certain foods and slowly introducing them back in to see what was causing the bloating but couldn’t really find anything.

I saw a fitness bikini model on Instagram who said her bloating had reduced since using Gut Performance, so I decided to give it a go. It has made the world of difference, I very very rarely get bloated anymore. I would never give this product up, EVER.

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