GP Lover: Claudia Weston

“Hi, my name is Claudia Weston.  I am 21 years old, I live on the Gold Coast and I’m training to become a professional stunt performer.  I have been a competitive athlete from the age of 5. I started off as a swimmer and surfer then moved into international power tumbling gymnastics.

I grew up in a family of both international elite athletes and fun competitive athletes – my brother and dad both surf competitively and my mum was an Australian BMX racer at a young age as well as being a gymnast and runner.

I currently coach tumbling /trampoline and work alongside the NDIS helping children to move and achieve a range of motion they have never before been able to perform. Being hands-on with coaching 6 hrs per day and training every day it’s important that my recovery is quick.

I started taking Gut Performance around 12 months ago due to always feeling bloated and digestive issues alongside a slow recovery. I did try 2 other gut health products before Gut Performance, but there were no changes in how I felt with energy levels or with my digestion.

It wasn’t until I decided to try Gut Performance after hearing amazing reviews on it. A week after taking Gut Performance daily I noticed a huge difference in my energy levels – I was less fatigued, recovered faster – but best of all it’s made me ‘regular’ again! Now my mum is addicted to the product and lots of my family and friends are now taking Gut Performance and have never looked back.

I truly do believe fixing your overall health must start in the gut. I am forever thankful for Gut Performance and would be lost with out it. Your health starts from the inside.”

Gut Performance

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