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Food as Medicine

Food as Medicine

“Let medicine be thy food and let food be thy medicine.”

Hippocrates, 4th century BC

What does that even mean!!?

‘Food as medicine’ is an idea widely reported to be created by Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, way back in the 4th century… way before Christ. In a time where the health and fate of a person were primarily thought to be decided by angry and vengeful Gods.

Back then, Hippocrates believed that diet, lifestyle, and environmental factors all contributed to the health of a living person. Essentially, illness was caused by bad eating and living, and consuming wholesome food was the basis for optimum health.

But even before Hippocrates and through the long centuries that have followed, there are many examples of indigenous cultures who have sought out healing herbs and plants for their community. Food being applied prescriptively to bring about health – at times, mixed in with a bucket load of superstition.

Based on decades of scientific research, the modern take on food as medicine, although refined, is essentially the same.

Food plays a significant role in health and how we feel daily. It has the power to heal and protect.

Research is showing that food is information that speaks to our genes and cells. It triggers messages that create health or disease (Neeha & Kinth, 2013). If food has the power to prevent and heal, it makes sense to use it to our advantage to protect and restore our bodies.

Even with this knowledge, as a society, we have moved away from the healing power of food and towards a diet of processed foods and prescribing packaged synthetic solutions to deal with illness and surprisingly, enhance wellbeing.

Although taking pharmaceutical drugs or supplements for ailments or a quick wellbeing fix may be helpful, we all know they often come with side effects and don’t always treat the cause… tending only to alleviate the symptoms.

At Every Body Every Day™, we are a ‘food for medicine’ company. It is our mission to make Food with Purpose™. The purpose is to restore, protect and enhance our body and health.

We subscribe to the belief that food is our medicine.

We design all our products to heal and protect the body at a cellular level and build strong defences to live a life of vitality.

Gut Performance® is a food that will nourish and heal your gut to improve your overall health. Working from the inside to help you glow and thrive on the outside.

Why Gut Performance is classified as a food, not a dietary supplement.

Gut Performance®, our flagship product, is often referred to as a supplement by people who don’t know the difference… But it’s actually classified as a food.

A dietary supplement is a product that is intended to augment the diet and contains one or more substances in a form that is drastically broken down and extensively manipulated. These supplements have little resemblance to the compound that’s found in any food form.

Supplements often fail to produce the results they espouse because they are simplistic, singular compounds…unlike whole foods. Yes, sometimes they are combined with other compounds. Still, they are rarely combined in a synergistic way that promotes assimilation in the body.

Gut Performance® is a unique food, as the compounds work collectively to create an effect that can’t be replicated by just taking a supplement. It’s scientifically designed by combining nutrient-dense, whole foods in ingenious ways to ensure that all the components your body needs are present in a way the body finds easy to utilise.

The nutrient compounds found in Gut Performance® are 100% derived from high-quality natural food obtained from trusted Australian sources that ensure a superior nutritional and therapeutic value.

This whole food is then formulated and combined into a convenient form and scientifically produced and tested in clinical facilities that meet or exceed the Australian Government Food Standard Accreditation – one of the highest standards in the world.

It contains none of the usual suspects, such as fillers, artificial colours, flavours, preservatives, or chemical stimulants typically loaded into dietary supplements.

How real food nourishes and protects the body.

All of us here know that being healthy means making sure you are fuelling your body with the proper nutrients. Everything we consume influences the way you feel and how your body responds.

The more nutritious and real foods that we choose, the healthier we will be.

We all have this base knowledge. But do you know how the nutrients in Gut Performance® fuel your body?

Gut Performance® is an active prebiotic packed with soluble and insoluble fibre, antioxidants in the form of polyphenols and flavonoids, and a raft of complex micronutrients. It’s loaded with this goodness because all the ingredients are sourced from whole foods.

Let’s look at the main elements that work together to make Gut Performance® a Food with Purpose™

Vitamins & Minerals

You only need tiny amounts of vitamins and minerals, but they are crucial for your health. Western diets are full of highly processed foods and lacking in fresh produce, and whole foods, so they are typically inadequate in vitamins and minerals. These deficiencies can significantly increase the risk of disease. Also, insufficient vitamin C, Vitamin D, and folate intake may impair your heart, cause immune dysfunction, and increase your risk of cancer.


Vegetables and fruits possess numerous beneficial compounds. But the crowning glory is the abundance of antioxidants. These compounds safeguard cells from damage that may otherwise lead to disease. Importantly, studies have shown that people who have diets abundant in polyphenol antioxidants have lower rates of multiple chronic conditions, such as diabetes, dementia, and heart disease (Sivakumar, Chen, & Sultanbawa, 2018).


Gut Performance® is packed to the brim with soluble and insoluble fibre. Fibre is a critical part of a healthy diet because it supports proper digestion and elimination and also feeds the beneficial bacteria in our gut (Lazar, et al., 2018). High fibre foods help protect us against disease, decrease inflammation and boost our immune system (O’Keefe, 2018)

Remember, even though food is medicine, and the act of shifting to a healthier lifestyle can prevent disease, it is crucial to understand that food should not replace conventional medicine when someone is unwell.

This is because healing from illness does not usually depend singularly on diet or lifestyle. It is a combination of factors. Choosing to refuse potentially life-saving medical treatment to focus on diet alone can be dangerous or even fatal.

When thinking of improving your diet and allowing food to be your medicine, it’s paramount you have a healthy digestive system. This is the vital ingredient for health and necessary to guarantee you efficiently and effectively extract the nutrients from the food.

Gut Performance® isn’t just a 100% natural food that nourishes and protects you…it is scientifically developed to help normalise your gut function, so you can get the most out of what you put into your body.

Gut health affects almost every aspect of health. To thrive in life with a healthy mind and body, you must start by looking after your gut.

Why don’t you join us on this wonderful journey and use food as medicine? Now is the time to heal and protect your body so that you can enjoy all that life has to offer.

Let us know via our Gut Performance® Instagram page and #gutperformance how you prepare your daily Gut Performance® dose. Better yet, drop us a testimonial if you have found Gut Performance® to be the perfect food as medicine that has taken your health to the next level.

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