Clean + Conscious Awards – WE ARE A FINALIST!

We are excited to announce that our OG product, Gut Performance Original, has been named as a finalist in this year’s Clean + Conscious Awards!

The Clean + Conscious Awards are in it’s fifth year and continue to serve as a reputable platform for recognising and celebrating products that are clean, ethical, sustainable, and responsible.

At Gut Performance, our ethos is ‘Sustainable Food as Medicine’. We have been using the highest quality ‘recycled waste’ ingredients in our formula since 2017. Our patented technology transforms rescued nutritious food waste from organic Australian farms into high quality natural ingredients.

The Best of Nature, Formulated by Science.

Our team are so proud to be involved and will keep you updated on our progress – fingers crossed!!

For more information please visit

For updates please follow @cleanandconscious_awards on Instagram.

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