The New Kid on the ‘Clean + Conscious Awards’ Block is a Winner in Best Gut Health Supplement Category!!

This year, the Clean & Conscious Awards reached a new milestone, with nearly 500 products entering the awards across a record-breaking 96 categories. Gut Performance is proud to be named a winner in the Gut Health Supplement category.

Emily Fletcher, Awards Founder and Head of Research and Education, explains the evolution of the Awards, “When the Awards began in 2019, sourcing authentic clean and conscious products was challenging. In 2023, the consumer landscape has shifted significantly.

“Many buyers now seek transparency and authenticity from the brands they support, which has resulted in a steady growth of clean and conscious products. Despite this progress, the challenges of greenwashing and misinformation persist. Our Awards play a vital role in empowering consumers with accurate information to make healthier, more responsible choices.”

At Gut Performance, our ethos is ‘sustainable food as medicine’ and we thank Clean & Conscious for recognising our passion in creating clean, conscious and sustainable products that are not only best for people, but also our environment.

Gut Performance is a unique blend of three 100% Natural PREbiotic foods containing soluble and insoluble fibre and resistant starch which is recommended by Monash University for managing and maintaining good Gut Health. Our innovative technology and processes harness the goodness from fresh crop waste whenever possible, transforming it into high quality natural ingredients. 

The Best of Nature, Formulated by Science.

See the results for yourself here!

Gut Performance
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Gut Performance

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