Welcome Hattie Ivy Morton!

Certainly our youngest Gut Performance ambassador yet!! A big congratulations to long-time Gut Performance Lover @lizemorton who welcomed another Hattie into the world in May 2020. We are absolutely besotted… it even looks as though she might be already practising her lifting techniques!! Thank you for the beautiful picture – keep them coming!

NB: Gut Performance is not suitable for children under 12 years of age.

GP Lover: Alexia better known as Fat to Goddess!

Meet Alexia, better know these days as Fat to Goddess!

What got Alexia started on her health and wellness journey?

The fear of dying!

“Because when I jumped on the scales and saw I was 212kgs I new enough was enough and I had to change. My son needed me around and I needed to be alive. It’s been the hardest thing I have ever done but it’s also the most rewarding.”

So, what are some of the things you did to help you on your quest for a healthier lifestyle?

“I had seen a few posts regarding Gut Performance and I was looking for something like this for ages that would help me. I have tried so many things to help me go to the bathroom more frequently and also to not feel as bloated but nothing had worked until I tried this which will be my forever staple now.

How has GP helped you?

“It has helped me dramatically!!!!! I don’t feel bloated, I go to the bathroom so much more and I feel that it’s not only cleaning but also making me feel healthier and again less bloated.”

What message would you give to others wanting to achieve similar goals?

“I would tell people that are on a similar journey to myself to never give up no matter how many times you fail, no matter how many times you slip up.”

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Gut Performance Lovers Tell All: Sallie

Sallie - Gut Performance Lover
” I have always suffered from bloating and being in pain at the end of the day – even when I would be eating decent. However, since taking Gut Performance in the morning, it really does make me feel good for the rest of the day. I can tell how much better my gut feels! I also feel I have more energy throughout the day as well. AMAZING PRODUCT!” – Sallie @salsommer

Mens Medicine 30 Day Challenge

The team at Mens Medicine know how important their gut health is to their mental health and overall wellbeing. After speaking with World Champion Hattie Boydle, they decided to ‘put the product to the test’ by taking Gut Performance every day for one month. Lino, founder of Mens Medicine remarked, “true to its name, this product does just what it says it does! It improved all of our gut performance”.

Due to the success of their test, the team decided to put the call out for men everywhere to join them in taking Gut Performance for 30 days. 

The Mens Medicine GP30 Day Challenge is “nothing too extreme” it’s about “improving your eating habits and taking the challenge”. 

To find out more, follow Mens Medicine and the GP30 Day Challenge

Gut Performance Lovers Tell All: Meg Flower

“People that have IBS know how risky it is to be wearing jeans in public. The only time I can wear jeans CONFIDENTLY is when I regularly take Gut Performance. Thanks for making me able to have a wardrobe more than just baggy overalls” – Meg Flower

Gut Performance Lovers Tell All: Sarah Hola

“I have been a long time lover of Gut Performance & have been taking it daily for over 12 months!
I am currently 6 months pregnant & have continued to make Gut Performance part of my daily ritual ????
Throughout my pregnancy I experienced constant nausea & morning sickness.
However with the help of Gut Performance it has dramatically helped to ease the abdominal discomfort & bloating.
I also love that it assists with better nutrient absorption for me and our growing Bub.
I have also found that overtime my sensitivity to particular foods including a gluten & dairy has also diminished!
I absolutely love Gut Performance & recommend it highly ????????
Happy Tummy & One Happy Mummy to be ???? “

Always consult your trusted health care professional for advice on supplements during pregnancy

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