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At Every Body Every Day™ our focus is Gut Health. Scientific and medical research is finding more evidence every day that poor gut health affects almost every aspect of our wellbeing. Without proper care and nourishment, our gut can be the catalyst for many health issues, both in mind and body.

We believe that to look good on the outside, have vitality and a healthy mind and body, you must start by looking after your inside, specifically, your gut.

Our goal at Every Body Every Day™ is to develop Foods with Purpose™.

Gut Performance® is scientifically developed to help normalise your gut function so that you can get the most out of what you put in your body.

Gut Performance® is a 100% natural food so it is easier for the body to absorb than supplements. However, supplements and proteins taken with Gut Performance will be much better tolerated and absorbed by the gut.

Every Body Every Day™ is a ‘food for medicine’ company. We make high-quality foods from trusted sources that have analysed their nutritional and therapeutic value. We then formulate our foods and specifically test the product in regulated clinical environments. We use only the highest quality ingredients available and produce in facilities that meet or exceed Australian Government Food Standard Accreditation.

Gut Performance® is a Food with Purpose™ and a Food for Performance™.

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